GIBB Africa Ltd has the expertise and experience to undertake the full range of transportation related services from technical and feasibility studies to design and construction supervision. Services may involve technical staff specialised in various disciplines including transportation planning, highway and bridge design, materials surveys, drainage, engineering audits and construction supervision. Our experience includes:

  • Transportation planning.
  • Road network management systems.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Engineering audits.
  • Road inventories.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Road works and bridges.
  • Design and supervision of railways.
  • Surveys.
  • Airports and airfields.
  • Docks and harbours.

The firm also provides other technical services which can be carried out independently from our work on engineering projects. These services include:

  • Land surveying,
  • Ground control surveying for aerial mapping,
  • Axle load surveying of road vehicles,
  • Deformation surveys of roads.


Highway Maintenance

  • Road condition assessment including inventory surveys;
  • Routine maintenance management systems;
  • Pavement management systems;
  • Road maintenance training.

Contract Documentation and Administration

  • Preparation of contract documents including contract drawings, bills of quantities, specifications,
  • conditions of contract;
  • Adjudication of tenders, financial control, estimates of cash flow and certification of payments, monitoring progress.

Project Management and Construction Supervision

  • Supervision of construction including monitoring progress and quality control;
  • Inspection of manufacturer’s works;
  • Completion and maintenance inspections;
  • Establishment of project brief and project objectives;
  • Support for funding applications, advice on finance, quality assurance and budgetary control;
  • Assistance with, or direction of, all statutory public consultation procedures;
  • stablishment of master programme and procedures.

Computer Utilisation

  • Computer techniques are used at all stages of design and specialist
  • programmes are utilised to carry out the following tasks:
  • Traffic planning and economics;
  • Design layout including mechanical draughting;
  • Draughting standard details;
  • Bills of quantities;
  • Road maintenance programmes.


GIBB Africa Ltd has the expertise and experience to undertake the full range of railway related services from technical and feasibility studies to design and construction supervision. Services may involve technical staff specialised in various disciplines including electrical engineering, structures and bridge design, architecture, mechanical works and water supply and drainage.

The consulting services provided for the railway sector include:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Hydrology and drainage;
  • Geotechnical investigations;
  • Topographical surveys;
  • Review of the basic scheme designs and drawings;
  • Preliminary and detailed design of railway structures;
  • Railway bridges and culvert design;
  • Review of schedules;
  • Construction supervision.

The structural engineering design includes railway buildings such as:

  • Railway stations and platforms;
  • Passenger bridges;
  • Tunnels;
  • Administration buildings;
  • Workshops;
  • Ware houses.


Broad portfolio of services:

  • Land use and transportation studies;
  • Traffic impact studies, traffic data collection and analysis, parking design, safety audits;
  • Traffic impact assessments for new developments (petrol stations, offices, shopping malls, residential, industrial);
  • raffic management schemes;
  • Traffic signals and control systems;
  • Traffic calming and management;
  • Land use evaluation;
  • Road traffic signs and warrant analysis;
  • Road network analysis and modeling;
  • Public transport, planning and infrastructure design;
  • Commuter needs assessments;
  • Regional and local network modeling;
  • Public transport plans (PTP);
  • Integrated Transport Plans (ITP).

GIBB has for a long period been involved in the development of transportation projects as part of its multi-disciplinary project portfolio that also includes buildings and industrial establishments, water and sanitation and environmental impact assessment. In addition, they have been involved in the technical audit of projects executed through contract and force account.

GIBB’s multi-disciplinary services in technical audits offer clients the additional diversity and comfort that they need in today’s complex project delivery. Services provided by GIBB include:

  • Assessment of quality of work done and compliance with specifications.
  • Assessment and valuation of work done to determine value for money.
  • Review of project planning, procurement and implementation process to establish whether the process was efficient and effective.
  • Review of the planning and execution methodology of the project to determine whether it is sustainable and replicable.
    Assessment of contractual issues and their effect with a view to recommending methods of reducing negative effects in future projects.
  • Assessment of environmental and socio-economic impact of projects.
  • Health and safety audits.
  • Site surveys and investigations
  • Reports on findings of buildings and equipment condition surveys
  • Valuation of the existing assets in terms of gross replacement costs, remaining economic life and net replacement costs.
  • Valuation of work done by contractors, site re-measurement, evaluation of contractor’s claims, and computations of values of work done.
  • Examination and evaluation of designs, budgets, specifications, tender documentation, project costs and project supervision records.
  • Support of funding applications and assistance with expert advice in arbitration cases.