Office Equipment

GIBB Africa Ltd.’s facilities include:

  • A computer network system supporting over 150 desktop computers each capable of facilitating computer aided design applications, word processing, database applications and other specialist applications;
  • A full range of black and white and colour printing facilities capable of reproducing drawings and documents up to A0 size;
    Duplicating and scanning facilities are also available in-house.
  • Digitizing machine;
  • TASKalfa 5501i monocolour scanner, copier and printer;
  • TASKalfa 4551ci colour, copier and printer.

Field Equipment

GIBB Africa Ltd owns a full range of surveying and geophysical equipment and soil, air and water quality monitoring equipment including:

  • Global positioning systems equipment (GPS);
  • Infra-red distance measuring equipment, theodolites, automatic levels etc;
  • Total station theodolites and data management software;
  • VHF radios and satellite telephones;
  • Solar systems for survey operations in remote areas;
  • Atlas Copco Terrameter 1000 resistivity meter;
  • Occupational and ambient air sampling equipment;
  • Photo ionisation device and combustible gas monitor;
  • Colorometric air and soil testing system;
  • AMS Retract-a-tip soil sampling equipment;
  • Geo – Probe ® Soil Sampling equipment;
  • Water quality testing equipment;
  • Hydrological flow measuring equipment;
  • Climatological equipment (rain gauge, temperature, pressure, etc);
  • Soil sampling equipment;
  • Electronic portable Axle Weigh Machine, Model RW15, Capacity 30ton x 100kgs.
  • Rebar Scanner and Electronic Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer for Non-destructive testing of structures.
  • The company owns vehicles and supplements these with hired fleet vehicles.