Importance of Groundwater

The growing importance of groundwater in providing safe and reliable water is confirmed by the reliance on groundwater source for domestic water supply, rural water supply; emergency water supply (egg for refugee camps), urban water supply, commercial and industrial users, agriculture and irrigation.

We offer ground water services covering the following:

  • Desk studies and resources assessments;
  • Hydrogeological surveys; Geophysical surveys;
  • Groundwater resources and quality modelling;
  • Groundwater development designs;
  • Groundwater management planning;
  • Turnkey groundwater projects;
  • Construction supervision.


Isibania Water Treatment Plant

Water & Drainage Services

 GIBB offers solution in these areas:

  • Water abstraction, conveyance, treatment, storage and supply;
  • Wastewater collection, conveyance, treatment, re-use and disposal;
  • Stormwater drainage and management.

Our clients enjoy consultancy the following services from GIBB

  • Studies, design, tender documentation and evaluation, construction supervision;
  • Participatory appraisal and design;
  • Topographical survey and mapping;
  • Hydrogeological and hydrological investigations;
  • Water demand and consumer studies;
  • Geographical information systems;
  • Leakage studies;
  • Geotechnical investigations and studies;
  • Socio-economic, financial and economic studies;
  • Institutional development and capacity building;
  • Environmental audits, assessments, management plans;
  • Integrated river basin management;
  • Technical and financial audits;
  • Advisory services in privatisation

Clients Served

  • Athi Water Services Board (AWSB)
  • Lake Victoria South Water Services Board LVSWSB
  • Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development (MoTIHUD)
  • Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB)
  • Young
  • Sogea Satom